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high precision die casting in aluminum, magnesium and zinc materials

Our founder is backed by a family with over 47 years of experience in post machining and casting components. With 11 years of experience to serve Home Depot, Lowes and Costco USA in private label of sanitary hardware business in a Taiwan public company. Our website:

Design Mold Manufacturing-
Customer's tooling design is initial in house by using 2D and 3D design software to ensure the accurate tooling design and components. Link both foundry and customer together to increase the efficiency of communication and guarantee the tooling successfully and casting accurately.

For complex, accurate and huge tooling design, we execute the molding analysis to simulate the mold flow, material temperature to locate the best gate and overflow locations before starting of tooling construction. Those save the tool and modification lead-time and unexpected cost for customers and Castyield Precision.

Die Casting Tool-
Die casting tooling shop is with 17,800 sq. ft. floor space.
The tool manufacturing ranger is from 150 ton to 2,600 ton.
Tooling Capacity: around 40 tools per month.
We also cooperate with a select group of tooling partners to enlarge the capacity and speed if needed.

Quality Control-
Here shows the latest testing equipment we use for strict inspections in-house. All technical inspections will be operated by our experienced QC engineers. All QC issues will then be studied by QA engineers to figure out optimum solutions for meeting quality criteria.
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